Phonons 2015

In July Felix attended the Phonons 2015 meeting at the University of Nottingham. He gave a talk entitled Helium-Implantation-Induced Changes in Elastic Properties of Tungsten: Surface Acoustic Wave Measurements and Multiscale Modelling. Great to hear about the latest exciting developments in the phonon community!

TMS 2015, Orlando, Florida

Felix will travel to Florida to give an invited talk at TMS 2015. He will discuss recent work on the adverse effects of damage due to helium implantation in tungsten. Understanding these effects is vital for the successful development of nuclear fusion as a viable energy source.

Goodbye ID15!

Last week Felix and Catherine travelled to ESRF, the European Synchrotron in Grenoble, to carry out diffraction measurements. They were joined by collaborator Professor John Huber. The experiment was among the last to be carried out on beamline ID15 as we know it: in 2015 this beamline will be completely rebuilt.