Dr Hongbing Yu

Hongbing is a postdoctoral research assistant. He completed undergraduate and Masters degrees in Material Science and Engineering at Chongqing University, followed by a PhD at Queen’s University, Canada. His PhD focused on TEM characterization of microstructure change in a Zr alloy induced by heavy ion irradiation, plastic deformation and thermal treatments. During this period he built up a wide range of knowledge including irradiation induced damage, phase transformation and plastic deformation mechanism in hcp and bcc metals.  In Jun 2017 he joined the Hofmann group. His project is to use TEM diffraction contrast techniques to study the 3D spatial distribution of irradiation induced lattice defects in thin films and nanoparticles. Together with X-ray diffraction results, this will provide a better understanding of irradiation induced damage and improve the properties of materials used in future fusion reactors.