Felix Hofmann is an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Science. He is also a college lecturer at Trinity College. Before coming to Oxford in 2013, Felix completed an MEng and DPhil at Oxford, followed by a postdoctoral research fellowship in the Nelson Group, MIT.

Hongbing Yu

Hongbing Yu is a postdoctoral researcher specialising in electron microscopy. Before arriving in Oxford he completed his PhD at Queen’s University, Canada. He develops new techniques for TEM and SEM to understand the 3D structure and self-organisation of atomic-scale crystal defects. His work focuses on irradiation damage.

Nick Phillips is a postdoctoral researcher in coherent X-ray diffraction microscopy. Originally from Australia, his PhD is from Latrobe University. He uses X-ray scattering techniques to investigate the 3D spatial distribution of strain within nano-crystals.

Tom Lapington is a postdoctoral researcher specialising in atom probe tomography and electron microscopy. He uses multi-scale microscopy to shed light on how the combination of corrosion and irradiation degrades steels. This is particularly important for small modular fission reactors. Tom did his PhD in the Oxford Atom Probe Group.

Abdallah Reza

Abdallah Reza is a DPhil student at Kellogg College. He came to Oxford via the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Imperial College London. During his DPhil he developed a transient grating laser setup which he uses to investigate thermal transport behaviour in a wide range of materials.

David Yang is a DPhil student at Keble College. Before coming to Oxford he was a student at UC Berkeley. His DPhil project focuses on coherent X-ray diffraction imaging of crystal defects. He has developed new approaches for probing the dynamic evolution of crystal defects and is using these to study metallic systems exposed to a range of excitations.

Kay Song

Kay Song came to Oxford from the Australian National University. She is now a DPhil student at Wadham College. Her project combines experimental techniques and computer simulations to study irradiation damage in iron-based alloys for use as structural materials in next-generation fusion reactors.

Seb Pearson

Sebastian Pearson completed his undergraduate degree in Materials Science at Oxford. He is now a DPhil student at St Anne’s College. His project aims to optimise stunt scooters by gaining a better understanding of the loads they experience in service.